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Family and friends have gathered, ate and caught up on all of life's ups and downs... Really focusing on the ups I hope. We can change our perspective on a lot of things just by being grateful. In our house we are so very grateful for the family members who have come before us and laid out a lifetime of Holiday Traditions! Memories to pass on to current and future family members. Memories of walking into Mom & Dad's home... Mom cooking away in the kitchen...the smells that take you back! Loving all the smiles on the faces of family members, in anticipation of tasting homemade Pumpkin pies and Cranberry Sauce....the ever homey smell of that wonderful Turkey! Hugs all around and putting everything else aside...reconnecting with what is most important in life. On an average day we are so busy "doing" life that we really need the time to kick back and relax...catch up on matters of the heart...for it is truly this, that will keep us going until the next time we can gather together once more. Whether you get your own family game of football going outside...or maybe watching it on TV...or spending the day hiking out in the woods until it's time to grub, (because the city is where you live now and you don't always get that chance) always remember God & family first...be kind...have each others back...That's the "good stuff". I'd love for you to comment here on your own memories!

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